Celebrating Rainbows, by RG

Everywhere you go

People spread their feelings

Of hatered for others

Why do this

When you could spread your love

We all are capable

We all are human

Doesn’t matter where you come from

Doesn’t matter how you speak

It all started the same

In the very same week

We are all made the same

Just in different shades

We’re meant to be a rainbow

Not to all be the same

Celebrate yourself

You are who you are

And as long as you stay true

No one can lead you too far

We’re all meant to be

Who we are

Celebrate yourself

Your part of a beautiful Rainbow.

Your heart knows the truth

You know who you are

We just get lead astray

By those who see you different

Just tell them all ‘no!’

Don’t pay attention

Just remember we were all made

with the same intention

Celebrate yourself

You are who you are

And as long as you stay true

No one can lead you too far

We’re all meant to be

Who we are

Celebrate yourself

You are part of a beautiful Rainbow.

Rainbows all are made

After the storm

But you can move it along

If help end the battle

Celebrate yourself

We are who we are

And we’ll all make a Rainbow

And defy all the odds

We all are beautiful

We all share the same world

Doesn’t matter who you are

Either boy or girl!

Celebrate yourself

You are who you are

And as long as you stay true

No one can lead you far

We’re all meant to be

Exactly as we are

Celebrate yourself

You are part of a beautiful Rainbow!


Sing Your Song, By RG

Originally posted on March 2, 2017

Sing the song
The people need to hear
I promise you
It will reach out to every ear
There will be those
who choose not to believe,
But you’ll be the one
Who beats them to the end,
By proving all else wrong
So sing your song
and sing it very loud
Because one day you’ll make it
Up there
In the clouds.

Fire, By RG

Originally posted on March 1, 2017

Climbs up to the sky
No one knows how high
It will go
Until it reaches its goal
But no one ever notices
The only way it ever goes
Is up twords the sky
As if it wants to join
With the clouds hanging in the air
It just wishes
That it could be up there
And so
The Fire climbs.

Cactus, By RG

Originally posted on February 24, 2017

Spikes all over
Green and Flowered
Sits on the window
Or in the ground
Life force is water
But it doesn’t need much
Just when the soil is dry
To the touch
When it gets to big
For the pot that it’s in
Find a patch of sunlight
For it to sit in
A cactus is a plant
This much I know
And I love to watch them
As they grow!

Fabric, By RG

Originally posted on February 23, 2017

All the pretty colors
Plaid and checked
Gingham too,
Soft, thick and hard
And in between
Purple, Yellow
Orange, Gold
All the different types
In bright and bold
Fabric rainbow
In the sewing store
Please amaze me
Forever more.

Happy Anniversary!

HEYO, LOVELIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, is my Happy One Year Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited. It feels like I started this blog ages ago. I’ve come super far.
And I’m sooooo excited to begin a new year. With you guys!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Internet hugs all around!


The Doll Discovery Corps. Halloween Special Part 2!


(Please excuse any lighting changes. I photographed these pictures for the different pars at different times of day. Also, halfway through this process I got a new phone, so the filters will be different from now on. Also, sorry for the blurry-ness. I promise the pics get better later on, when I have more experience.)

0412171902-00 (2)

“Well, we can’t very well stand around doing nothing!” Addy cried, “We need to find someone who lives here and ask them a few questions.”



“I agree, Addison, but who are we very well going to ask here? I see no one around.” Vanessa added.
“Well, look at Ms. Fancy over here. You give her a fancy dress and she’s all up in the proper diction of the times. I think, Van, that we should split up, see what we can find. We’ll be out of here before you know it!”


“Ugh, guys, don’t you see? If it weren’t for me, we wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t have to find someone!” Faith cried. “It’s all my fault.”


“Actually,” A voice called, “You would be here either way.”
All the dolls turned to look for the newcomer.


“WHO ARE YOU?!” Samantha shouted, scaring the curly-haired doll approaching them.


“I am Victoria Anna-Marie DuBoche. I live here. And I may be of assistance to you as well.” The doll replied. She had piercing blue eyes and long curly locks of blonde hair. Her lips were painted in a deep pink, and her entire body was made out of porcelain. She wore an elegant wedding dress made of silk and lace.


“Um, nice to meet you, Victoria. My name is Amelia, and these are my sisters, Faith, Vanessa, Addison, and Samantha, who-” She looked at Samantha here, “-Had the pleasure of greeting you. Could you tell us where we are? And, more importantly, why we are here?” Victoria nodded. “I can answer all of your questions, Amelia, but first I need to split you into two groups.”


“Vanessa, Samantha, and you, Amelia, will stay here and I will tell you what I know. Addison and Faith, you must take a different path. You two will go outside-”
Addy cut her off. “Uh, outside? Not a good idea! We’ve never been outside!”


“Well, I’m afraid you don’t really have a chance. That’s the way it has to happen, that is, if you ever want to go home.”

To Be Continued…

The Doll Discovery Corps. Halloween Special Part 1!


The DDC Girls were sitting inside their clubhouse, catching up on life events. Since their last adventure, the girls had been a little bored at DDC meetings, but they still had them as a way to communicate with each other outside their house.


As they were talking, Faith suddenly exclaimed,
“You know guys, there still is one place that we still actually haven’t explored.”


“Really? Amelia asked, “Where haven’t we explored yet?”
“OOOOH, I KNOW!!!” Samantha yelled excitedly, “THE SPOOKY UPSTAIRS CLOSET!!!”
Faith nodded. “Exactly, Sam. In all our meetings, we’ve never explored that closet. I think we should go today.”


Vanessa jumped up. “I agree. But I want to check for spider webs first. I don’t want any in my hair!”


Samantha jumped up as well. “I AGREE!!” She shouted.


Amelia was the next to stand. “I, also, agree, and Van, I will do the honors of checking for spider webs.”


Addison was next, and she also readily agreed. The Faith Elisabeth stood up and said,
“Well, it’s decided then! Off to the closet we go!”


The DDC girls stood in front of the hallway closet. They stood around chatting for a few moments, and then Faith said, “I’ll go in and explore first. I’ll call out once I’m in.”



She clambered into the closet and a big white dress swished shut behind her like a curtain. The dress, from up close, could be identified as a Victorian wedding dress.


After a few minutes, Addison started getting worried. “Faith?” She called. “Are you back there?” No response. “Faith? Faith Elisabeth, if you’re playing a prank on us you are going to be in some serious trouble.” Not that Faith was the pranking type, but anything’s possible. After a while longer, Addy swished the curtain aside and looked into the room.

“She isn’t there!” Addison cried, whirling around.


“Everybody search every corner!” Amelia cried. “Nobody rests until we find Faith!”


After fifteen minutes of rigorous searching, the DDC girls met back in the center of the hallway.


“Nothing!” Addy cried. “Nothing, nothing, nothing! Where on earth is she?”
The girls tried to figure something out. She couldn’t have just dissapeared, could she?


“Listen, guys,” Addy said slowly, “I’m going in there after Faith. Wherever she went, maybe I’ll go there, too.”


“We’ll all go in.” Amelia said.
“Um, no!” Vanessa exclaimed, “I don’t want to get spider web in my hair. Do you know-” But one look from Amelia shushed her.
“It’s decided, then,” Amelia said, “We all go in, single file. Addy first.”


And so, Addison entered,


And Samantha followed,


And Vanessa grudgingly went in as well,


And Amelia entered last.


Followed by the swish of the curtain as it closed behind her.


The DDC girls lay scattered on the floor in front of the closet.


Amelia was the first to wake. “Huh? Where am I?”


Addison moaned and sat up slowly. “I don’t know, but this looks like Rainbow’s house, only….. Different.”


“And… What are we wearing? This old-timey clothing was only worn in the Victorian ages.”
“You’re right,” Agreed Amelia, “And why is everything black and white?”


Samantha sat bolt upright.


Vanessa stood next.
“You do when mom makes you for Christmas!” She said. Then she looked down.
“Ooh, please tell me this isn’t a dream!” She cried excitedly, “Victorian lace! I’ve always wanted to wear one. But why is it black and white?”


Faith stood last.
“Oh, Faith!” Addy called. “I’m so glad your alright!”
“Of course I’m alright,” Faith said, “But where on earth are we?”


All the girls looked around, for no one had an answer.


To Be Continued…


Chapter 17

As soon as I wake up, my stomach lets me know that it, in fact, is very hungry. Of course, that would make sense, being that I couldn’t remember the last time I ate. Oh wait, it was that salad. I need something to hold me over until we find food. “Echo. You awake yet?” I try to lift my right arm up to tap him on the shoulder, but my arm doesn’t move. “Echo?” I try again. My arm still won’t move. “Echo, I can’t move my arm.” When he doesn’t respond, I turn my head to look for him. The spot where he fell asleep last night is empty. In his place is my notebook, open to a new page. I lift my head up a little more, and I can see writing on the page. Using what strength I can find, I roll over and use my left arm (which thankfully can still move) to drag the book to where I can see it. Scrawled on the page in spidery cursive, are these words:



These have to be pretty dumb bandits. I mean, the smiley face? I don’t know how they managed to snag Echo, but apparently they did. I do have cash, but I’m not giving my life savings to some dumb bandit gang. So I have to think of something. And by the time sunset is only a few hours away, I think I have a pretty good plan.


Hey, Lovelies!

I’m hoping your all having a wonderful day 🙂

Life can be pretty whack, right? I think we all know that. And recently, I’ve been experiencing some of that. My schedule is always, always changing, and sometimes I find it hard to keep up with everything and everyone around me. I have friends that I recently celebrated a friendiversary with, and then I have one friend that I don’t quite know what to do with. I kind of feel like we’re growing apart, you know? And I think I’ve just made a new friend that I might be friends with for a long time. But I have friends here, too. And I feel like I haven’t been the best friend lately. I’ve been working on my blog so much that I haven’t checked in with you guys. So Hello! How are you all? Hope you like my stuff. Oh, and by the way, what do you think of my re posts? I’m thinking up new material, but I’m really busy with the Halloween special so I haven’t had the time to post anything else.

Really, I would just like to chat with you guys. Leave a comment! Leave two or three! Tell me what you think of the blog, or me, or just tell me about everything! Life in general! I would really just like to have a normal conversation. I feel like we don’t get to have a lot of those anymore.

Love you guys!