Celebrating Rainbows, by RG

Everywhere you go

People spread their feelings

Of hatered for others

Why do this

When you could spread your love

We all are capable

We all are human

Doesn’t matter where you come from

Doesn’t matter how you speak

It all started the same

In the very same week

We are all made the same

Just in different shades

We’re meant to be a rainbow

Not to all be the same

Celebrate yourself

You are who you are

And as long as you stay true

No one can lead you too far

We’re all meant to be

Who we are

Celebrate yourself

Your part of a beautiful Rainbow.

Your heart knows the truth

You know who you are

We just get lead astray

By those who see you different

Just tell them all ‘no!’

Don’t pay attention

Just remember we were all made

with the same intention

Celebrate yourself

You are who you are

And as long as you stay true

No one can lead you too far

We’re all meant to be

Who we are

Celebrate yourself

You are part of a beautiful Rainbow.

Rainbows all are made

After the storm

But you can move it along

If help end the battle

Celebrate yourself

We are who we are

And we’ll all make a Rainbow

And defy all the odds

We all are beautiful

We all share the same world

Doesn’t matter who you are

Either boy or girl!

Celebrate yourself

You are who you are

And as long as you stay true

No one can lead you far

We’re all meant to be

Exactly as we are

Celebrate yourself

You are part of a beautiful Rainbow!

The Doll Discovery Corps. Episode 5!


In Which The DDC Girls Explore a New Room of Rainbow’s House, and an Unusual Guest Stops By.


The DDC Girls gathered inside the laundry room, eager for a new chapter of their adventuring lives to unfold. Right away, Samantha, adventurous as ever, ran over to the toilet, unaware of its purpose.


“Ahhhhh! Get away from that!!! Ewwwww!!”


“Because, Oh, Sam!”

Samantha, being, Sam sometimes, Samantha had climbed on top of the toilet. Which, for any normal person, would be quite a feat in roller skates. But our Sam is not a normal person, is she?
She was dancing around on top of the toilet lid, singing,


“Oh, whatever Sam.”
Vanessa rolled her eyes and turned away.


Meanwhile, up on the dryer….


“Hey, what’s this blobby thing?”


“That, Faith, is Rainbow’s cat, Love.”
Realising that she had sort of kicked Love in the butt, Faith apologized and withdrew her foot.


“Love here likes to sit on the dryer and warm himself, even though it is Summer and he has a fur coat.”


Faith nodded and looked around the room.
“Hey, that’s a nice lamp!”


A few moments later, shouting could be heard from below.
“Hey! A little help up, please?”
“Wait a minute, I’m coming!” Addison answered.


“Here, grab my hands and I’ll pull you up!”
So, with a little tiny bit of struggle, Addy pulled Amelia up onto the washer.


Addy breathed deeply. “Whoo, anytime, hahhh.”


(Look at Love photobombing, isn’t he just the cutest?! ❤ )

As all this was going on, Samantha had climbed on top of the back of the toilets.


“Yes, I can! Just jump over and I’ll catch you!”


So Samantha jumped.

(This is such a great shot, isn’t it? The one below, I mean.)


And with a crash, she landed… Although Faith didn’t quite catch her.




She helped Faith stand. She brushed herself off.
“Whoo, thanks, Sam.”


“HEY!” Yelled Vanessa. “I WANT TO BE UP THERE, TOO!!”


“Just do what Sam did!” Addison yelled back.


“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, come right over!”


So Vanessa jumped….


…And landed just like Samantha did!
“Ooof, Van, I didn’t mean exactly like Sam!”


“Oh, I’m sorry, dear! Did you break anything? Oh, my!” Vanessa cried, “I do belive I’ve lost my shoes!”


“Aw, Van, there right there, on the floor!” Addison pointed. “We can just go get them later.”


While they were arguing over whether or not to get Vanessa’s shoes, Faith was standing on the dryer, musing over the room’s decor.
“This house is really kinda old, isn’t it? Oh, sorry, Love.” She said, accidentally bumping Love on the nose.



“Alright, everyone, let’s pose around the cat-” Amelia said, but was interrupted when Samantha shouted, “HIS NAME IS LOVE!”
“Around Love the cat, then.”


After they had all jumped down from the washer, Vanessa dove down on the ground.
“My SHOES!” She yelled, and everybody laughed.


——————————————–The End—————————————————————–

Stay tuned for bonus pics, coming in an hour!


Who Knows?

Heyo, Lovelies!

Good lordy, my TBR is currently at 558 books.

And then I have my pile at home, which is currently at 28 books.

And every time I go on Goodreads, I end up with more books on my TBR.

And then I get a little frustrated that I’m not going through my book pile any faster, because I made myself a promise that I can’t borrow any more books from my library until I finish the ones I own.

So maybe I’ll just stop going on Goodreads until I finish my books at home.

I don’t know.

Ugh, I just feel so blecky today. I really have no Idea why. Maybe I’ll just bang off some ridiculous junk and take a nap.

Or maybe not.

Who knows.


From the Gray Cloud

Kira Minki was born into a family of Gods. They all lived on a gray cloud.

Then one day, Kira sent a love letter to an evil guy. Then, because fate hated her guts, it shot a lightning bolt onto the cloud, brutally killing everyone.

The End.

See, I told ya! Worthless junk.



Bookish Stuff of June

Heyo, Lovelies!

I know, late. I’m working on it, ok?

The Fabulous Books I Read:

Rebel McKenzie by Candice Ransom ♦♦♦♦♦

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. M. Baum ♦♦♦

Billy Budd by Herman Melville ♦◊

The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo ♦♦♦♦♦

Bone: Escape From Boneville by Jeff Smith ♦♦♦♦♦

Word of Mouse by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein ♦♦♦♦

Treasure Hunters by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein ♦♦♦♦♦

Beautiful Blue World by Suzanne LaFleur ♦♦♦♦♦

Emma by Jane Austen ♦♦♦♦◊

Knife’s Edge by Hope Larson and Rebecca Mock ♦♦♦♦♦

The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss ♦♦♦♦

The Sisters Grimm bk. 1 by Michael Buckley ♦♦♦♦

Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix ♦♦♦♦♦

The Story of My Life by Helen Keller ♦♦♦♦

Holy cow, 14 books in all! I read a lot last month!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out all of these fantastic books!



I’ve Been Absent…. :(

Heyo, Lovelies!

Yes, I know, you’ve missed me. I’ve missed you too!

Sorry, guys. I’ve been busy with school, and schedule changes, and also, believe it or not, our computer broke again. So, while that’s been being fixed, I’ve been mentally preparing this post. And waiting to update Goodreads, and Pinterest, and waiting to read you guy’s blogs. I know, loads of fun.

But I’m back now, so yay!

Some Updates:

1 I will no longer be posting Forever Fawn episodes. I know, some of you have been waiting for me to post the next one, and I really wanted to. I really did. But the truth is, I’ve lost the Inspiration. I just don’t want to do something that doesn’t really make me happy anymore.

2 I am not going to try to have a posting schedule. I’ve tried it before and it really doesn’t work. I’m just to busy!

So yes. Sorry for the wait for my next post. And sorry about making you wait for the next DDC episode. While waiting for the computer, I can’t really upload pictures onto it, can I?

Thanks for your support and ongoing love of my quality posts,


Flight To Freedom, By RG

Flight To Freedom

Little bird
In a small cage
Freedom is all
You dream about
Let me set the stage
When everyday
Someone calls from outside
Your window
You dream of life
You’ve never had
Outside that window
Dreaming bird
Let me open
The door to your cage
It’s alright
Come out now
Don’t be so afraid
Fly away now
Be free forever more
But don’t forget me
And your locked door.